Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website

Are you thinking of the reasons why you need a mobile-friendly website? If you are, then we suggest you keep reading. Websites that adjust to any device are getting more leads! It’s not enough to just design a good website. You need to always consider your audience. And also, what works for them.

But first, what is a mobile-friendly website?

A mobile-friendly website works the same way on all devices. None of its elements or features changes on a mobile device. The elements are identical on either a computer, smartphone, or tab. Also, the way your website is designed for desktops will be the same way it will appear on other devices. The icons may only appear smaller. 

Statistics show that millennials spend around 5.7/24 hours a day on their phones. On average, people view their phones 58 times daily. Similarly, 58.99% of website traffic comes from mobile phones. Conversely, desktop devices generate only 37% of website traffic. You’re possibly reading this article on your mobile device right now.

What does this prove? This proves that a mobile-friendly website is a better investment. Since statistics reveal that 40% of people will go to your competition if they have poor mobile experience. You don’t want to have excellent SEO on a mobile unfriendly website.

8 Convincing Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website

You mustn’t have just any website. Make it a mobile-friendly one, and attract more clients. Nevertheless, let’s not stop at statistics. Read on for 8 convincing reasons why you need a mobile-friendly website.

#1: Where are Your Customers.

Are your customers searching for you via their desktops? Or are they searching for you on their phones? Mobile-friendly websites sell ease to customers. Rather than scrambling about for a laptop, one could easily look you up via smartphone. One secret you must know is that humans are searching for “easy”. These days, nobody wants to spend an insane amount of time finding a laptop. Not when they have smartphones. And now, the question is, what type of experience do you want to give customers?

#2: It's Super Easy for Your Customers to Reach You.

If it’s super easy for your customers to reach you, get ready for business growth. More customers will reach you if it’s at their convenience. A mobile-friendly website creates this convenience. Your phone number and email address can be found easily. Also, with one click, your customers are in contact with you. This undoubtedly implies ease with no stress. Your customers will love you more for eliminating that. The chances of securing sales are also higher.

#3: It Builds Brand Trust and Loyalty.

Do you know what people would be saying about your mobile unfriendly website? They won’t recommend your business to any other person. You can kiss the client’s referral goodbye! Google statistics show that a bad website experience equals a future loss of customers. Why? Because customers are 67% less likely to patronize your brand in the future. You lose customers’ trust and loyalty. Making your website easy to access on several devices builds trust. Guide more customers to replicate purchases. All with the aid of a mobile-friendly website.

#4: Boost Your Ranking and Reach.

One thing a mobile-friendly website does is boost your ranking and reach. It is very easy to share your website on other platforms. This is in light of the easy accessibility on smartphones. Mobile-friendly websites have a wider customer reach. The reason is that Google tends to rank websites with mobile versions. Additionally, mobile-friendly websites would end up with a higher ranking. With the current algorithmic update dubbed “Mobile First”, Google now uses the mobile version of your website. This means that your website would rank higher in search engine results. What a free technique for ranking. Keep this in mind; the higher your organic search, the higher your leads.

#5: Grab and Keep Your Customer's Attention.

A mobile-friendly website not only grabs but keeps your customer’s attention. Our digital generation has an attention span deficit. A feature of mobile-friendly websites is the loading speed. It loads a lot faster than the desktop view. Customers will quickly exit your page if you don’t have a mobile-friendly design. Why? Because nobody has time. Websites without mobile-friendly designs have a slower loading speed. And so, don’t lose your customers over website loading speed. Rather, choose a responsive design. And by responsive, we mean a mobile-friendly design. Regardless of how impressive your website content and design are, slow loading equals lost customers.

#6: Streamline Information Across Any Device.

Mobile-friendly websites provide the same information across any device. Customers have no fear of missing vital information on your website. Whether they use an iPhone, a tab, or a laptop, your website content doesn’t change. Similarly, customers can view your website without wondering why they can’t find the product they saw on their laptops. This is the frustration mobile-friendly websites eliminate. Every picture, button, or link is visible across all devices. It reduces the chances of customers hopping to another website due to missing information.

#7: Excellent User Experience.

If you provide an excellent user experience, you can beat your competitors. The features of mobile-friendly websites are great first impressions. How do you tell a mobile-friendly website from one which is not? You can tell from your customer’s experience on your page. With the former, you give visitors appealing visuals. Along with a satisfying experience with your brand. Navigating your website is precise and simple. Sharing your content is a breeze. The text adapts easily to your screen size. Pictures are easily seen. A mobile-friendly website says a lot about your brand. Moreover, it shows that you value your customers.

#8: It is Way Cheaper for You.

You may doubt this, but a mobile-friendly website is way cheaper for you. With it, you save not only time but also money. Here’s what Uxeria says:


“70% of businesses online end up failing because of poor website usability.”


Once people see that your website is unusable on their smartphones, you’ve lost them. You’ll certainly have to redesign your website in the future. That means an additional expense of time and money. Why not skip this problem? You can design your mobile-friendly website here. However, if you’re already at this bridge, redesign to a mobile-friendly website now.


Do you think your website will encourage customers to come back?

Don’t just put a website first, put a mobile-friendly one first. It’s a fantastic move to build and sustain loyal and returning customers. Even so, dealing with mobile-friendly options can seem unnerving. Thankfully, Eeza Digital’s web design experts are eager to help