How to outperform your competitors with digital marketing

Digital marketing strategies have become an essential tool in the marketing stack of forward thinking organizations. 

In business, as in everything good in life, nobody wants to be number two, but everybody cannot be number one, but you cannot beat what you don’t even know, leading to continuous research and activities that will reveal our competitor’s strategies and what we need to do to outperform them.

In the olden days, it would take months to create a lot of offline surveys or travel to different business locations just to gather simple data about a business, but all that has changed, courtesy of the Digital Era.

We now live in the digital age, and information is only a click away. With well executed digital marketing strategies, you will not only understand your competitors, you will outperform them. 

Businesses now have the power to excel tremendously through various tools and channels provided by the digital platforms. 

Billions of dollars are being generated from the internet daily. The biggest technology companies in the world today are all in the internet industry generating trillions of dollars when coupled all together. 

With the internet, businesses can be functional around the world operating just from a central point. A business tool that is used to transmit content information around numerous channels is what is called Digital Marketing. 

Further explanations would be made to help business owners understand how to use this tool to obtain maximum and exponential growth for their businesses within a short period. 

Digital marketing is on the rise – competing shoulder to shoulder on what is spent on traditional marketing. 

The number of people online these days is responsible for the increase in online channels present in our world today. 

With the advanced level of technology springing up today with AI technology and machine learning, the rise tends to go overboard reaching multiple consumers on various digital devices. 

Having a unique knowledge of what digital marketing is all about is very important for every business owner and an aspiring entrepreneur who would want to have a startup, and looking for ways to reach its first 1,000 users or consumers. 

Presently, the world has over 7.7 billion people and over 4.4 billion people use the internet. And with a deep survey that has been carried out, it was found out that nearly 30 percent of consumers would prefer to interact with brands through their social media platforms versus going to the store to purchase anything they want to purchase. 

To be competitive in today’s business world, organizations need to be present across various digital channels and devices to meet up with their customer’s everyday inquiries, needs, and wants. This can be done both offline and online as it’s a way of reaching consumers at any point in time. But we would understand what digital marketing is and how to use it to outperform competitors in business.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes the internet and online-based digital technologies such as Computers, mobile phones, and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. 

These platforms are being used to execute online marketing strategies being organized by a digital marketer to achieve set goals for the organization or business. Without these channels and platforms, such targets won’t be met to achieve these goals which are being set out at a given time. 

In order to do that excellently well in your business area, you should take a sneak peek into who your competitors are, know what they are doing, and figure out ways to gain a competitive advantage. 

Without this competitive advantage, there is no way of actually saying that your business is better than your competitors because it would all be classified as a “me too” type of business. 

Having known what digital marketing is, it is also important to know the different Digital marketing aspects out there.   

Digital Marketing Techniques

There are different types of digital marketing means used to meet a specific target for a marketing campaign. Each of these means of digital marketing has its own specialty but all are towards achieving one goal. We would be taking a close look at the aspects of digital marketing and how they are used,

  • Social media Marketing 

In today’s world, consumers are very much interactive on social media platforms such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. When brands use their social media channels to reach their target audience, we refer to it as social media marketing.

  • Influencer Marketing

Another strong and effective way of getting across to consumers is by using social media influencers to promote brands and products across these digital channels. A lot of businesses have seemed to achieve great success in sales using this method of conversion for their business.  

  • E-mail Marketing

Email marketing gives every organization an edge. It allows organizations to stay connected with prospects and customers. With the leverage, you can send out Newsletters or offers based on past brand engagements. Nearly over 60% of customers say that emails really played a large role in their buying decisions. 

  • Content Marketing

The creation of videos, content, and other means to transfer or convey messages is very powerful in carrying information about organizations to every one of your consumers. 

It helps in creating awareness and prompts buyers to make a choice over what they need to buy and what they want. 

  • Search Engine Optimization

This works hand in hand with content marketing. This is a system that has to do with buyers’ search on the web. This is done by optimizing content for user experience and ensuring the technical elements are in place to enable search engine users to easily find this context. 

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-per-click as it is called is known as paid advertising that allows teams to purchase traffic to their websites. 

When marketers place an advert on a search engine like Google or Bing, they get to pay for this advert every time a buyer clicks on the advert. 

Digital marketing platform spreads various functions all in solving one problem with a different solution. When these mediums are properly utilized, they can bring ineffective sales into your business.

Organizations that understand the benefits of using digital channels to achieve their marketing goals would always have a competitive advantage in the market – but it comes with expertise and experience. 

Having known what digital marketing is all about and its uses, it is crucial to understand how to use digital marketing to outperform competitors in the business atmosphere. 

Competition for clients is very tough due to the numerous channels available to consumers. We would look at how to use digital marketing to outperform business competitors below:

Tips to Outperform Competitors using Digital Marketing

For you to stand out in today’s highly competitive business landscape, it is very important to adopt digital strategies to achieve the desired result. Business is like a game, where you need to be smart for you to win against your competitor. 

You need to understand their tactics and strategies. Also, you need to learn how you can use your tactics to come out victorious against them. 

Unfortunately, there are lots of digital marketing campaigns that have been adopted by companies but not every one of them works out the way it was conceived. Here are some basic tips to guide you to outperform your competitors using digital marketing. 

  • Study your competitors 

It’s no new story that every competitor wants you out of business. So, it is very important you keep a close look at every move of your competitor. Keep close track of your competitor’s daily activities like; the type of content they publish, strategies used by them, and most importantly, find out the reason why their customers are doing business with them. 

  • Understand your target customers

A customer’s taste can change over time due to various reasons. That is why you should try to understand your customer’s buying power by knowing what makes them purchase what they are buying, what type of product satisfies them. 

It is very much important to always expand your foresight when learning about your customers. So you can know what social media campaign to run to stand out. 

  • Audit your position

Before you decide to run a digital marketing campaign, it is well-advised you know your standpoint on the various digital channels available presently to you. This is majorly for you to know which effective digital marketing plan would be good to deploy to run an effective campaign. 

Another strategy to utilize is where you stand among your competitors when it comes to digital marketing channels. 

Having this knowledge will help you in the long run to know the condition of your online platforms, referral traffic, and platforms where you perform the best. 

  • Developing a plan for every platform

There is a common mistake that businesses make, using the same strategy for every platform. 

Every social media platform is different. Each of them has its uses and where it is most effective. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn all have their various functions. 

Having this clear knowledge will really separate you from your competitors when you know how to utilize them for your business. 

  • Create unique and engaging content

Content is king any day. Creating unique content is known as the backbone of every business. 

A business that has compelling content will always triumph in any online business. So having a well and strategized content structure to meet your business demand is key to winning more businesses at your fingertips with digital marketing. 

  • Customer service

Follow up is crucial to the success of any digital marketing strategy. A bad customer representative can make you lose more business. You should always be aware of the kind of customer care representative that is always at the forefront of their business. 

A customer representative with bad behavior could miss an opportunity of a lifetime without you being aware of it. So it is always advisable to work with the best of the best in the field. 

  • Test your strategy

At the end of every strategy being adopted by the marketing team, it is important you test every idea to know how effective it is. 

It is one of the rules for achieving anything worthwhile. Every idea has to be tested before use to ascertain its capacity to cover multiple platforms to achieve the desired result. 

It is very important to set and focus on what is working well for you to continue with such a strategy. 

  • Make use of influencers

Making use of influencers to push a brand is one of the powerful ways of pushing out a brand. This helps to create users or buyer’s engagement with the brand and is a way of driving traffic to the brand. 

Good use of influencers will light up a brand’s name on every digital marketing channel that is being used by any organization. 

Digital marketing is a very resourceful way of empowering your organization when utilized properly. However, implementing these smart digital marketing strategies isn’t so easy, things change rapidly and that is why you need an experienced Digital Marketing Agency that will serve as your organization’s marketing brain. 

EEZA Digital is always close by to help you transform those complex business challenges into marketing problems that can be solved by implementing carefully thought out digital marketing strategies. 

We have experience working with businesses of all sizes from all over the world. Our clients see measurable tangible results from our Digital marketing activities, and we are ready to do the same for your business. 

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