9 Social Media Marketing Secrets You Need to Score More Clients

With these 9 social media marketing secrets you need to score more clients, you can never go wrong.

Yes, you’ve built a brand but is your business thriving? Landing your dream clients begins with a solid marketing strategy.

90% of marketers revealed that their social media marketing increased their business exposure. 75% of marketers claim that it increased their business traffic.

If you choose marketing with social media, you first need a social media strategy. Whether the strategy is written or oral, having one is vital. Social media is a marketing fire. 51% of the world’s population uses social media. So, a wealth of customers are waiting on social media.

This will ensure that your brand is seen by your target audience. Broadening your online presence isn’t limited to designing a website. It also includes branching out to social media to expand your exposure, visibility, and reach.

9 Social Media Marketing Secrets You Need to Score More Clients

These 9 secrets will not only help you score more clients but also establish your brand authority. Here are 9 unbeatable social media marketing secrets:

Secret 1: Know Your Followers or Audience

The first social media marketing secret is to know your followers/audience. Have you established who your audience is? What do you know about them? Avoid hopping on the social media bandwagon. Try to identify your audience first.

Your brand’s services or products aren’t meant for everyone. So, how do you determine who your product or service is for? You need to:

  • Define what problem your brand solves.
  • Outline the segments of the population that it fits. Such as their age, location, gender, and so on.

Once your audience or followers are properly defined, it is vital to maintain communication.

Secret 2: Don’t Skimp on Communication 

Communication works both ways, even on social media. This is another social media marketing secret that is handy. Many businesses feel posting their product or services is adequate. But communicating with your audience is equally important.

Your followers will stop interacting with your pages when they feel ignored. Bridge the communication gap with your audience by responding to their comments. However, don’t stop there. You can also engage with their posts. This makes your business environment attractive and engaging.

Secret 3: Pick The Best Platform

Another powerful social media marketing secret is to pick the best platform. Research shows that soon, there will be 4.4 billion users on social media. That is a figure that will continue to grow. Social media platforms are great for brand awareness and engagement. However, one vital question to answer is: what is the best platform for publicizing your business?

Using all these platforms is profitable to score more audience. But, that may not be a worthwhile strategy. Although, with the help of a social media manager, you may benefit greatly. Picking the right social media platforms that fit your audience helps focus your marketing. 

Secret 4: Quality and Consistent Posts

If you’ve picked the best platform, then choose to make quality and consistent posts. Posting irregularly without following up on post-engagement can be fatal for your brand. The long wait can Waterdown any enthusiasm for the content your business has to offer. 

Similarly, ensuring your posts share quality and valuable information is crucial. Design a workable schedule and stick to it. Or utilize an app to schedule your posts based on your content calendar. If you’re having trouble creating a quality content calendar, we can help you. Also, if you’re struggling to keep to your schedule, we are experts in social media management.

Secret 5: Stay With Your Niche

Once your content is settled, find a way to stay with your niche. This is an infallible social media marketing secret. It is good you build a community of like-minded businesses. You may view them as competition but you must build allies.

Observe and follow brands you would like to collaborate with in the future. You can share or repost their content. This will make them and prospective clients notice you. Moreover, lasting brand relationships usually start this way.

Secret 6: Optimize Your Social Media Pages

Staying with your niche is great, but take it a step further by optimizing your social media pages. To continuously draw traffic, this is one social media marketing secret. Ensure your pages and bio are optimized to reflect your brand. Whether it is on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Banking on optimization means your profile and content will attract the right crowd. It may seem that optimization is only for websites, but that’s not true. Your social media can be optimized using hashtags or content with everyday keywords. This way, your posts will always rank in searches. 

Secret 7: Strong Tags and Hashtags

Still, on the subject of ranking, strong tags, and hashtags are a big hit. Tag mentions or apposite hashtags are a social media marketing secret. Using tags can get influencers in your niche to notice you. 

Once you’re in their eyes, you become visible to their followers too. This can boost your chances of being mentioned too via reposts or shares. A mutual win got both sides. In like manner, trending hashtags related to your post can promote visibility.

Secret 8: Analyze and Measure

You can’t run marketing without analyzing or measuring your strategies. This is why it is another social media marketing secret. Some strategies may work for your brand while others won’t. Likewise, keeping tabs on what works and what doesn’t is pertinent.

With insight tools, you can assess what platform is performing best. Along with which content is converting or what post isn’t. You can also learn a lot about your audience when you analyze and measure your platforms. Evaluate the responses you’re getting along with your goals.

Secret 9: The Power of Timing

One potent social media marketing secret is timing. After analyzing your posts, you can get clues as to what time works best. You want your target market to be on the app when you post. That way, they see your post and engage.

However, statistics show that posting on Instagram from 9 am to 11 am is the best time frame. For Twitter, posting from 12 pm to 3 pm in a workweek. And Facebook posts perform excellently from 9 am, 1 am, and 4 pm. All these figures can change, so keep analyzing your posts.

All these secrets and more work hand-in-hand with having a strong marketing strategy. Maximize the power of social media. We can help you get started. Our expert social media marketing team is one click away!