8 effective digital marketing approaches to increase sales

Effective digital marketing approaches work hand-in-hand with sales boost, did you know that? Digital marketing approaches are becoming quite popular. Reason being that they are chosen methods needed to drive sales while increasing profit—which is the fruit of running a business. 

If you want to make sales, the best marketing strategies/approaches must be utilized. With online markets at the forefront in business these days, making use of the right marketing approaches is parallel to business growth/boost.

Are you a business owner interested in using new digital marketing approaches to increase brand awareness for your business? or you just want a spike in your sales conversion? then we wrote this article for you! In this article, you will learn 8 effective digital marketing approaches to increase sales phenomenally.

You probably may not be one of them—it doesn’t matter. So long as you’re curious about learning a few digital marketing tips for personal/business benefits, or you’re searching for a way to boost your sales, this article is right up your alley.

What Are Effective Digital Marketing Approaches?

Effective digital marketing approaches are outlined plans that show you selected methods you can use to achieve your business’ marketing goals/objectives. 

Digital signifies online, therefore the methods are via online channels like Google and social media. Most of these methods will show you which online channel would suit your brand vision. 

They would also show you which digital marketing schemes fit best with your goals. Plus, how much time/resources you will need to invest in each method in order to achieve your goals.

But before we delve into the approaches for driving more sales, you must first identify two key things;

  • A well defined target market: A well defined target market will help direct or pitch your business to the right crowd. When defining your brand, defining the market you intend to break into is also a must! 

That means knowing who your clients are, where they are, what they’re doing & their interests. When you know this, it would ensure the right clients find you exactly where you’re supposed to be.

  • A well developed brand language and style: Your brand plays a huge role in business visibility and recognition. That means how easy it is for clients to see and recognize you.

A brand that tells stories through their brand logo, style, language, voice and value is 10 times more likely to remain fresh in the memory of clients, than a brand who does the opposite. Your goal is to be recognized, memorable and stay relevant.

If you’ve dealt with these two keys beforehand, you would experience smooth sailing when it’s time to use digital marketing approaches. Don’t fret if you haven’t nailed down the two keys, you can do that now! 

Having a digital marketer on hand is a plus. After all, it is their job to know how to drive sales, especially when the need arises to implement marketing approaches. P.S: It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new hand or an old hand at digital marketing.

Why Choose A Digital Marketing Approach?

Setting up a digital marketing approach is important. Your mind should be at ease if you decide to collaborate with a 360-degree full-service digital marketing agency, like Eeza Digital.

Just be rest assured that the very first thing we do is to plan. We plan highly competitive and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable and Time-bound) approaches to grow your company.

Because, any business without clearly planned digital marketing approaches is like a beautiful treasure chest with no treasure.

All of these approaches act as a map for achieving goals. After all, you know what you want to achieve, and you know how to achieve it. So that when you launch a digital marketing campaign, it would follow the approach you have selected to yield results.

If you truly want to benefit from digital marketing, you have to invest in the best digital marketing approaches. Basically, they would help to grow your business and rack up profits.

You stand a higher chance of building your brand, reaching the right audience, skyrocketing sales, and meeting goals, when you choose the most effective digital marketing approaches.

With every season of the year being business season, we have listed here 8 effective digital marketing approaches to help you drive sales, all year round:

1.Create Valuable Content And Use Content Marketing.

One effective digital marketing approach is creating valuable content and using content marketing to promote your business.

A good marketing approach should be enticing, a better marketing approach is one that lures sales through constant content creation. 

Creating valuable content

Whether you’re a small food business, a software development company, or a company that provides laundry services, your customers want content that is interesting & relevant. 

Content marketing approach is when your business uses content to reach the target market, connect with them and engage them. This is so that your brand remains relevant to them. 

Contents can be in the form of videos, images, blog posts, infographics, and lots more. But most importantly, it must provide value to consumers. 

Blogging is the easiest and most frequently used method of content distribution/marketing. It is a great way to convert sales. 

Let’s say you’re a clothes retailing company. Writing a blog article about what to look out for when buying clothes, or how to know a ripoff would be of immense value to your consumers. 

This is because relevant content tends to increase your blog viewership, while breeding stronger relationships with your audience. This is what leads to sales. 

Don’t only focus on delivering top-notch products/services. Your focus should also be on creating valuable content that will enhance your customers experience and convert sales. 

If your content reflects your brand’s passion, it would evoke correct reactions. Such as engaging your target audience, ‘wining and dining’ them, and finally persuading them to buy through a very clear call to action. 

Providing information that is valuable, increasing website traffic, and boosting conversions. These are the overall goals of using content marketing as an effective digital marketing approach. 

This way, although the content was designed to attract sales, it would still provide information to them as well.


2. Offer Your Customers Digital Solutions.

Another effective digital marketing approach is to offer your customers digital solutions.

This is because customers are always searching for new solutions to their mounting problems. All the business searches customers are carrying out shows that they are interested and intent on alleviating a need or filling a gap.

When you’re thinking of generating sales, the most important insight is to offer a solution. Why? Research has shown that 75% of customers expect to find an immediate solution to their problem within the first 5 minutes of initial contact with your brand.

Digital solutions

However, if you do not offer a solution, chances of them returning would be low. You need to offer your customers digital solutions a lot faster than your competitors. This is because offering a solution serves to drive more sales. 

For example:

A customer is searching for the most affordable homes to buy. If you design an ad which offers affordable homes with a matching landing page, you have offered a digital solution.

This solution could be in the form of special offers, product videos, how-to contents, and lots more. The solutions are not confined or restricted to one exact type. 

Know this always: Customers are ready and willing to pay for solutions, as long as it solves their problems.

3. Well Designed Pop-ups

Well designed pop-ups are the latest effective digital marketing approach that businesses ought to employ. Unfortunately, they don’t.

Still, pop-ups remain a very overlooked but powerful tool. The secret ingredient to getting the best from pop-ups is ‘timing’. 

This is probably because research has shown that pop-ups have an average conversion rate of 3.09%, but for top performing pop-ups, they have a conversion rate of almost 10%.

Here’s how it works:

92% of the top-performing pop-ups ads were displayed after 4 seconds, while the lowest-performing pop-ups ads were displayed between 0 and 4 seconds.

This means that well timed and well designed pop-ups will lead to as high as 60% conversion rate for your business. This is because of the theory ‘put it in front of them, and they will buy’.

Are the figures convincing you yet? A truly effective digital marketing approach you should adopt is well designed pop-ups. And if you want an even higher conversion rate, use exit-intent pop-up. 

When people are about to exit your page, a pop-up ad bearing a strong CTA helps to keep them on-site longer. It would also persuade them into action, to make that click.

For example:


Are you leaving so soon? But you haven’t checked out our free courses yet! Click now.

If you want to use this method, ensure your pop-up ad is catchy! It should be attractive enough to pique interest, thereby boosting sales conversion. 

A well designed pop-up should have arresting graphics, compelling headlines, snazzy color, and an offer on display! 

4. Optimizing With SEO And SEM.

If your business wants to drive revenue up a notch, optimizing with SEO and SEM is another effective digital marketing approach you should consider.

Let’s not confuse SEO with SEM:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way to drive traffic and increase your brand ranking without having to pay for ads.

search engine optimization

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) on the other hand, is a paid advertisement method that pushes out your brand services/products using search engines.

Simply put, SEM makes use of paid ads – which appear on SERPs – to promote businesses. The ads are displayed on the search engine result page for ready and waiting customers to see.

Your sales drastically increases, as does your online presence, when you make use of the SEM or SEO approach. After all, your brand is displayed where your customers are, either by paid or unpaid advertisement (keywords, meta tags, etc.). 

This means more sales are generated, since you’re bringing products/services to the doorpost of your customers.

If there’s more traffic on your page, that means more prospective clients are viewing what you’re selling. And then when you add killer CTAs, sales conversion is almost immediate. Therefore optimizing with SEO and SEM is a must-use digital marketing approach.

Making use of optimizable platforms like Google my business, and trendy keywords like ‘near me’ or ‘nearby’, helps you to continuously rank your business at the top searches. 


5. Leverage On Segmented Email Marketing Campaigns.

Another underused yet particularly effective digital marketing approach is to leverage on segmented email marketing campaigns.

To leverage here means to take advantage of email marketing. Because, research has shown that a more likely way of generating sales is by segmenting your email campaigns.

By segmenting your emails, you share them into different parts based on whatever criteria you choose. The campaigns should be customized especially for your users. 

MailChimp conducted a survey on approximately 2,000 MailChimp users. 11,000 segmented emails were sent out to an average of 9 million recipients. The results showed 14.31% more opens, 100.95% high click rate, 10.64% more unique opens.

Email marketing campaign

That means you would get more responses from segmented emails. You could design your segmented lists based on any criteria. 

It could be location (where your customers live), business (their niche), experience, or age range. 

According to the UK-based Data & Marketing Association, you get between $30 to $50 for almost every $1 invested when you connect with your customers through email marketing.

Therefore, in order to increase your email open rate, choose a professional but simple design for your email. You should use a catchy, value-driven subject line, short, precise and concise text, and relevant high quality images. 

When you leverage on segmented email marketing campaigns, you can conveniently continue to drive sales. It is a great approach for reaching goals, especially as you can track your sales/purchases. 

This will also help you determine which emails best suit your customers and boost sales.


6. Utilize Social Media Marketing.

One of the most powerfully effective digital marketing approaches ever discovered is to utilize social media marketing!

First, choose your social media presence. With social media, you can narrow down your target audience with minimum effort, and applying simplistic efforts can generate a high-quality content response. 

The best part is that you can drive more sales at a low advertising cost. The secret is choosing the right channel where your customers are. Utilizing social media marketing as an effective digital marketing approach serves the purpose of increasing sales and promoting business growth.

Also, segmenting your target audience using varying parameters (what they do, where they are) takes you directly to your customers because multiple customer profiles based on specific characteristics are available to you.

When hosting your product/service on various social media channels using user-generated content, leads to high sales conversion rate. If customers see that your content involves them, their interests are piqued and conversion is high.

In order to maximize social media, engage your customers always, shorten the response time, post shareable user-centered content, referrals, use challenges, appropriate hashtags, discounts/flash sales, and sales will skyrocket. 

This makes your brand more memorable due to the wealth of information, alternatively reassuring your audience that your service/product bears the solution to their needs.

social mesia marketing

7. The Undeniable Appeal Of Video Marketing.

The undeniable appeal of video marketing is one useful effective digital marketing approach.

If you didn’t already know, videos have a dynamic nature. Because your audience can “see and hear”, this makes it a better attention-grabber. 

Videos are undoubtedly more appealing than a stack of text. Furthermore, it holds more charm than an immobile image, creating a very personal connection between you and customers.

Now, let’s talk statistics!

According to Wyzowl, 78% of marketers agreed that video marketing directly helped to increase their sales. 

video marketing

84% of people also said they were convinced to buy a product/service after watching a brand video ad. 

Finally, according to Animator, 93% of brands got new customers because of a social media video. What great proof!

The type of video you choose has the opportunity to either educate, entertain or convert sales. When using videos for direct sales outreach, you generate more sales based on sales funnel stages. 

Your video could be an awareness video, interest video, desire video, or an action video. Whatever format you choose.

And when you add powerful storytelling into your videos, it charms, engages and generates sales. This is because according to Unbouncy, conversion rates increase up to 80% when videos are used on landing pages. 

We cannot therefore deny the undeniable appeal of video marketing as an effective digital marketing approach.

You get to showcase your products/services. Your videos begin to rank in search bars thereby reaching a wider audience. Moreover you humanize your brand (building a budding relationship). 

Additionally, you need to continuously grab your viewers interest while your brand’s product/service is still very fresh in mind. The way to do this is by adding a clickable CTA button at the end of your video.

8. Consistently Remarket Your brand.

If you haven’t figured it out already, a timely effective digital marketing approach is when you consistently remarket your brand.

Remarketing gives you another chance to convert old customers into new ones. Without a doubt, using this approach—which is an efficient way to increase sales—allows for a reconnection.

A reconnection happens between your brand and your customers who have previously patronized your brand.

Subsequently, when you reposition ads before these returning visitors, you increase the chances of scoring a sale from them.

Remarketing your brand’s product/services also gives your customers several other channels from which to convert. Think of recycling.

Clearly, this aligns with the latest customer focused shopping approach ‘wherever and whenever’.


The benefits of remarketing approach are endless. Your company not only consistently stays fresh in your customers minds. But new ads are designed using experiences from previous customers’ interaction.

If you consistently remarket your brand, you would discover how cost effective it is for generating sales from the same target market.


“Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, ‘make me feel important.’ Not only will you succeed in sales, you will succeed in life.”

Mary Kay Ash

In this article, we have shown you how digital marketing can be used to increase overall business profit while boosting sales. 

You have also seen that offering solutions through valuable content, visual contents are even more appealing, always remarketing your products/services, using google SEO and SEM is critical. And in situations when you can’t do it on your own, employ the services of a digital marketing agency. Now, go forth and make sales!